Benefits for Inmate Using CorrLinks Program

Are you getting lonely inside the prison? Do you wish to talk to your loved ones anytime? Why not subscribe in CorrLinks email program. They offer account creation and management for those who would like to communicate outside only at 0.05$ per minute. Here are the reasons why choose CorrLinks:image 2

  1. Messages are filtered. Due to the main problem of most email services about spam and junk emails, CorrLinks addresses the issue that guarantees that only authenticated messages will be sent to the inbox of the users. Only those important emails will be read in the inbox. This is due to the restriction services that controls the email system and provide a good user experience.
  2. Messages are protected. There are admins who can control the number messages sent and received by users and the authorized users of the system. Those who did not receive any invitation from the system are not allowed. There is also a restriction of unauthorized email before it reaches your inbox.
  3. Messages are faster than the regular sending of mail. Snail mails do not often reach some jails. There will be family or inmates who wanted to receive news frequently. This is what the program is about. To ease the loneliness of both side and get news from each other. You can now share few words with people who matter. All you need is to pay the minimum service fee for this and your emails will be sent and received.
  4. System is easy to use. You do not need to be a computer geek to go around with your account on sending and receiving emails. It has a user-friendly page where you can easily locate where to send and read messages. You can also easily add a contact with the number provided by the system.

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