How To Deal With Wannabe Person?

There are people who like to be on the popular zone because they think it’s cool and dressed up something that bring them out of their comfort zone to the popular society. Sometimes they even make stories about how they are so popular back way on high school or joining on cheerdance team when in fact they do not really enjoy it.  It is really annoying to deal with kind of people and as much as you can you do not want to socialize with them, unless you are one of them. There are many ways in which you can avoid this kind of people. Here are some tips that can help:
a.    You can ignore them. When someone is bragging their popularity on you, you can make remarks about it and then act as if nothing is wrong. You just walk ahead and ignore her ways of trying to impress you. Soon, she will stop when you can act like you don’t care.
b.    Try to correct her gestures. There are certain things that she might do just to make people notice her or be jealous. You can blurt out a comment that is helpful for her and that impressing with flaws is not good.
c.    Make friends on her nicer friend. Among the circle of friends of wannabes, there is always a one nice friend. You can make friends with her and eventually influence her of changing her ways.
d.    Show sympathy each time she is criticized. When a boy she liked will call her ugly, you can comfort her with words of advice such as beauty differs on each standard of cultures and there are beautiful on their own way.
Do the steps above and you can control your irritation towards this kind of wannabe person.