What are the Choices to Pay Child Support in Florida if Unemployed?

Have you recently lost your job and what’s worst you have to pay for child support in Florida? This can be a serious problem when the state obliges you to pay with or without income monthly. You can read more in Myfloridacounty.com or better get your own my FL account at the website. If not, you will be in jail. How can you avoid happening this thing? Here are your options:image2

  1. First, you have to get in contact with the caseworker in Florida Department of Revenue to figure out your options in the situation. You can find cases which an unemployed non-custodial parent without profits might be freed for the time being from making payment on the child support. For only a while since he or she will still do the payments at some point. The exact amount to be paid will just be postponed on a future time. The payments can have an interest.
  2. Second of all, it’s essential to talk to a legal counsel if you are not successful in suspending the payment for a short time in Florida Department of Revenue. The attorney will help you on keeping heading into the jail for the moment. He will create a legal contract from you as well as the custodial parent that you will assure to pay for the child support on the date along with the interest caused by factor that you are not yet with a job. You may contact the court house to look for a legal representative that deals with child support conditions. The office will offer you selection of legal representatives which you might phone to assist you.
  3. Last of all, it is possible to lend a loan from the bank, relatives or friends to pay the payments of sustaining your child. It might allow you to reduce for some time and soon you find work to pay out all the money that you owe.

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