How to Sign Up at My Premier Credit Card?

Look for a bank that issues credit card with many benefits on your side. First Premier Bank is among the bank you can choose. The bank has an online system that allows all credit card holders to register their account. The system will help track and handle the expenses acquired by the holder to avoid problems in payment time. So if you are a holder of First Premier credit card, you have to register now. The process is very simple and will only take few minutes of your time.  Gather the necessary materials now and follow the steps below:

Things you need first

  • You must pay the online service charge only once that charges $4.95 only.
  • You additionally have a computer with reliable connection to the web.

The Enrollment Process of Premier Credit Card


  • Simply open your web browser and next to see the web page at So next, any time over the internet, choose the “Enroll” button so it’s possible to start the application strategy.
  • Enter the information requested from the website to you which includes your complete name, account number, your SSS number, the card number, the expiration date, zip code of your billing address, phone number, the three digits number behind.
  •  You also need to establish your personal chosen username and password. Email address contact info is an essential so put in that you really constantly use.
  • Afterward, click on “Continue”. You will get a verification email consisting of info that you currently have with success made your account.
  •  You can presently sign on with your new account and look after it. In the event you are not already a first timer, you can skip the signing up portion and get your account. Basically sign in your username and password.

Get your own First Premier Credit Card now and enjoy shopping or booking online.